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A Closer Look: Andrew Kearns

Hey guys , Andrew here! I was born in Kentucky, and after 6 different houses across the U.S. I now call Washington my home base, kind of.

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Andrew Kearns Profile - Just Chill

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    Do you remember the first time you picked up a camera?

Hiking Lake 22 for the first time, it was my first hike and I brought my camera along. It was really the start of this entire thing. We were in 3+ feet of snow, and the mountains and lake around us was like nothing I’ve ever seen; huge cliffs covered in snow and ice all around us, and we had it all to ourselves.


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    “A true artist won’t be satisfied, but I guess that’s the sacrifice.”


    Andrew Kearns - Closer Look
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    Favorite source for inspiration?

I’d say I find inspiration through people rather than places/photos. People’s hard work and drive really inspire me to do bigger things and work harder, pushing my limits and comfort. I love hearing what people do, and even more so I love seeing people work really really hard at what they do. It’s something inspiring and encouraging to me.

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    Andrew, tell us about your latest adventure...

I just got back from a three week road trip, spending most of my time in Montana. I was around Glacier area and I spent the time with my good friend Forrest. I would encourage people to visit before the park completely opens up – it’s very empty and quiet.

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    Do you have a favorite book?

I honestly don’t read too much, I wish I did! I love the book Holes though, and To Kill a Mockingbird, those are both my all time favorites.

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    Your favorite song on the road?

Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart is my current favorite. It’s such a great travel song, seriously. I probably have listened to it on repeat more than any other song the last few weeks on the road.

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    How'd you hear about Just Chill?

Saw one at a convenience store when looking for a travel snack. I tried it, and it was very tasty.

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    Favorite quote?

“A true artist won’t be satisfied, but I guess that’s the sacrifice.”

That’s a quote by Macklemore, and it reminds me that when I’m dissatisfied with my work that’s okay, and at times a good thing. Always be improving.

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    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Honestly not a clue – I hope to be traveling a ton and taking photos, videos, and just documenting my life, all while doing rad things.

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    One spot to visit in your hometown

I love Mountain Loop Highway, it’s an amazing area with tons of trails and mountains. If you ever go there do Lake 22, it’s not a hard hike but it’s an incredible view.

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    Any last words?

My bud Tommy always says Work Hard, and Dream Big – that’s honestly the key to finding your success, whatever your success is to you. It’s a nice saying but recently I’ve taken it more to heart, and as I work harder and hustle harder I’m seeing the results. Super stoked on life and what’s to come.

Head to @andrewtkearns on Instagram to see more of Andrew’s awesome work & a look into his adventures.

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