A Closer Look: Jarett Juarez

Jarett Juarez

21 year old lifestyle photographer from the Oregon Coast  Instagram: @jarettjuarez

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    Do you remember the first time you picked up a camera?

    The first time I had ever picked up a camera was when I was twelve years old. I was laid up in my house because of a laceration to my knee while racing motocross at the local track in Portland. My dad had left his camera on the counter while he was gone for work one day, after boredom had completely taken over my life, I decided to pick it up and shoot a few photos in my backyard. That was all it took, I was hooked, it turned into something I would do every day which progressed into my first job while in high school, shooting senior portraits and almost ten years later, here I am today.

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    Favorite source for inspiration?

    Whether I am feeling a dry stretch in my creativity, feeling down or stressed or even If I’m stoked on everything that is going on in life, no matter the case, I always revert to the ocean for inspiration.

    “The best way to inspire someone is to be inspired, yourself.” This one has always hit home with me as an artist.

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    Tell us about your latest adventure...

    The last trip I took was a very spur of the moment, too many hours up with no sleep, surf trip to Southern California with a good friend of mine. I drove from my house on the Oregon Coast 4 hours to Eugene, where I met with Laird at 11:30pm. We loaded our boards and bags and hit the road. We drove all night until we reached San Francisco. We ate breakfast and continued to Santa Cruz. Our trip eventually led us to Venice, where we stayed a few days with our good friend Corey Harper in his apartment on Abbot Kinney where he lives with Cody Simpson. We surfed LA county for a few days until we started to head back north where we stayed in Santa Barbara, surfed Rincon for three sessions and then the last day we were lucky enough to drive in and surf the Hollister Ranch.

    My favorite moment from the trip was eating breakfast at Esau’s in Carpinteria with Shaun Tomson. It was great hearing stories from the WCT back in the day and he had a lot of very valuable wisdom to share. Definitely will stick in the memory bank for a long time.

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    Favorite song on the road.

    I drive over 60k miles a year so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one song. My array of music is pretty broad but usually if I’m cruising on the coast I like to listen to some Chilli Peppers, or I’ll put my spotify on Led Zeppelin radio. Actually, I’m Super stoked on my good friend Collin’s band The Weather Machine, I listen to them a ton while I’m on the road.

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    How'd you hear about Just Chill?

    I actually heard about Just Chill through Instagram. I love the power of social media the most for these reasons.

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    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    In ten years time, I see myself as a much wiser, caring and responsible individual because of the life experiences I will have gained through traveling and connecting with people from all walks of life.
    I hope to be starting a family and caring for the ones I love and being a strong example of love and integrity to those I surround myself with.
    I see myself still working in the photography industry but probably shooting on some crazy 400 megapixel camera that has a built in radio and makes a pizza in less than 5 minutes.

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    One spot to visit in your hometown

    My favorite spot to visit in my hometown is probably the coast range of mountains that surrounds the valley on 270 degrees. No matter how populated the area may become or how crowded the lineups get, there will always be solitude and silence to be found with only a few mile drive on some gravel roads.

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    Any last words?

    A wise man once asked me “ what do you call a pile of cats”? To which I had no reply. He ran his fingers through his salty, unruly beard, and in the most sincere of voices responded; “ A meowntain”.
    Life is too short to take too seriously, don’t forget to throw a few jokes in every now and then.

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