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Finals Stress: How to Just Chill and Study

At this point you’re probably in panic mode. You’ve calculated the lowest grade needed in order to pass and you’re searching the internet when you should go study. Here at Just Chill we’re all about keeping cool and calm while you do your thing. It’s easy to look at stressful situations and get overwhelmed, but that’s where we come in.

When your caffeine kick is giving you the jitters and you find yourself getting distracted, crack open a Just Chill to enhance your focus.

Mind over matter is the key, let’s ace those finals!

The Standard Advice:
  • The key to success is preparation
  • 8 hours of sleep and a balanced breakfast
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to study

study gif

You don’t have time for sleep and you didn’t prepare.
You were probably too busy making Jell-O shots.

1. Take a Deep Breathe and take a shower.

You won’t be taking your next shower til after this final.

The key here is to de-stress and mentally prepare yourself. Once you’re done getting clean, switch the water to absolutely ice cold for at least a minute.

Why? Is this my punishment you ask?

“Taking a cold shower in the morning, and  feeling cold water pour down over our body seems more horrifying than soothing. However, the deep breathing in response to our body’s shock helps us keep warm, as it’s increases our overall oxygen intake. Thus, our heart rate will also increase, releasing a rush of blood through our entire body. This gives us a natural dose of energy for the day.”


2. Text and/or email everyone in your class.

Find someone who did the study guide, took great notes, and is a way better student than yourself. Sorry…

3. Find a quiet space where you can read out loud.

My Picks: Bedroom, empty classroom, private room in the library.

You’re in go mode, no socializing, no group studying!

The Production Effect:

When we read, we are using our visual pathways to form memory links. We remember the material because it was something we saw. People who have photographic memory are extraordinarily good at making these kinds of memory connections. For the rest of us, relying only on visual memory may leave us with many gaps, and so we have to find other ways to remember things. When reading out loud, we form auditory links in our memory pathways. We remember ourselves saying it out loud, and so not only form visual but also auditory links.”

4. Grab brain food on the way.

Head to your student store or coffee shop and grab your food supply for the next 12 hours.

My Crash Study Picks
  • Chocolate-Berry-Trail-Mix-The-Lemon-Bowl
  • Just Chill Tropical

– Apples & Almond butter
– Trail Mix with dark chocolate
– Hard boiled eggs
– Avocado with olive oil & pepper
– Blueberries


– Coffee or Clean Energy
– Just Chill (L-theanine)
– Endless water supply (I like to add chia seeds)

*check out a longer list of superfoods here.

5. Make a schedule & Take a break every 52 minutes

Weird, 52? Maybe. But it’s time for weird.

Take out a sheet of paper and schedule out your study time. Studies recommend working for 52 minutes and then taking a 17 minute break. 

Take that time to go outside and get some fresh air and eat a snack. You can’t burn out.

Pro Tips:
Pack your bag for your final before you even start studying and make sure to get to your classroom 30 minutes early. That’s when the professor gives any insightful tips and clues.

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