Soodyod LIB Woogie

LIB Festival, Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Talk about a weekend to remember. LIB ( Lightning in a Bottle) takes place during Memorial Day Weekend at San Antonio Recreational Park in Bradley, California. The perfect meeting spot for those cruising up from Los Angeles or heading down from San Francisco. Not to mention the thousands of attendees coming in from all over the country (and world) to experience the hard work and dedication of those behind LIB.

Camping is always a huge part of any festival experience. Your set up, how close you are to your favorite experiences and who you’re camping with always adds to the festival’s value. This year we made a whole group of new friends from Noise Revolt at the RevoLounge. A big thanks to their team!

Check out some photos from LIB 2016!

  • Soodyod LIB Favola Bar
  • LIB Rio Berry Just Chill
  • Soodyod LIB Favola Bar
  • Soodyod LIB Woogie
  • LIB Rio Berry Lets party
  • LIB Zero Ginger Just Chill
  • Soodyod LIB
  • Soodyod LIB Revolounge
  • Soodyod LIB

Thanks to Soodyod for the awesome shots, stoked to see ya at the next one!

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