Just Chill Mojito

MOJITO: This Summer Heat is Jamaican Me Crazy

Mojitos are the new Moscow Mules, take our word for it.  😉

Mojitos date back to the 1500’s when settlers boarded ships on their way to Cuba. The variation was known to cure tropical illnesses and prevent scurvy and dysentery. Idk about you, but it sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

We picked up our ingredients at the local Whole Foods. All in, we spent under $40, which included the bottle of Crusoe Organic Rum.

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Cabo Chips and Mezcal
  • Connector.Connector.

      2oz Crusoe Organic Rum

  • Connector.Connector.

      8oz Just Chill Jamaican Citrus

  • Connector.Connector.

      4 Limes

  • Connector.Connector.

      10-12 Mint Leaves

  • Connector.Connector.

      2 Brown Sugar Cubes


Mojito Time:

1. Slice 3 lemons in half & juice into cup.

2. Add 8-10 mint leaves and two cubes of brown sugar.

3. Muddle.

4. Fill your cup up with Ice

5. Add 2oz. of Crusoe Rum

6. Top off with Just Chill Jamaican Citus.

7. Garnish with mint and lime.



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