Wine Vs Just Chill

SHOWDOWN: A Glass of Wine vs. Just Chill

For most, a stressful day at the office awaits a stressful commute home. Kicking your shoes off and plopping on the couch is often recognized as that moment for a deep breath.

Many reach for a glass of wine, searching for a sense of calm and balance. Unfortunately, consuming alcohol on the daily can lead to a series of health problems.

What Makes Wine Unhealthy?

Grape seeds are often included in wine production and contain proteins called lectins. These proteins are difficult for the stomach enzymes to digest. Overconsumption of lectins might lead to health issues such as increased exposure to autoimmune diseases. Research also shows that wine can increase risk for breast cancer, oral cancer and liver inflammation when consumed in extreme amounts.

Wine, just like every other alcohol, has negative health affects, but is not completely bad to consume. Moderation is key with any alcoholic beverage. Try to find calm in other ways.

A few days of the week, eliminate wine and sip on different drink to relax instead. Here are some instances when you should reach for a can of Just Chill as opposed to a glass of wine.

1. Relax at Work

Let’s face it. Unless your office is oober chill it’s typically not okay drink booze at work. We all have those days where clients are frustrating, co-workers are annoying and all you want to do is finish work and get to your couch with a glass of wine in hand. Why not find some calm during the storm of the day? Just Chill contains L-Theanine – an amino acid that reduces stress and keeps you focused. By cracking open a can the workday becomes less stressful and easier to manage, allowing you to unwind without a glass of your favorite red at the end of the day.

2. Wine Makes you Whiney

The first glass of alcohol makes almost anyone feel relaxed and loose.
Alcohol is a depressant that affects the chemical balances in your brain changing your thoughts and emotions. The more you consume, the more you depress the part of your brain that senses inhibition. For this reason, drinking alcohol while in a bad mood will eventually create more negativity.


Just Chill contains vitamin B, which helps to improve your mood and Magnesium, which relieves tension. Providing your body with vitamins is a much healthier way to improve your mental state.


3. Alternative Methods of De-stressing

Workdays can be extremely stressful, but there are natural ways to prevent and combat stress.

Physical activity leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Running or an exercise that involves cardio gives you endorphins, which are neurotransmitters produced in the body in response to stimuli, like stress. They are able to block the part of the brain that feels pain, giving you a euphoric experience. Working out, going to yoga or even just talking to friends is a great alternative to finding peace when life is difficult.

4. Unwind When Necessary

At the end of the day, having a few glasses of wine a week won’t make or break you. Be mindful of the amount you consume and switch out some alcoholic drinks with a can of Just Chill.

While you’re at it, maybe switch the glass of wine for a Just Chill mixed drink!

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