CHILL & FLOW: Reduce Stress, Promote Wellness


Just Chill got together with former NFL player, DJ Townsel, to host a day of Chill & Flow.

This sunny Saturday afternoon kicked off with great company and chill tunes to set the vibe. At Just Chill we’re big on vibes, setting the tone for your day plays a huge role in your happiness.

DJ did an awesome job setting the tone for our Vinyasa flow, reminding us all to be present in this very moment. Focus some times seems so unattainable, but with a few deep breathes and a goal set in front of you, we couldn’t help but commit 100% to this session.

just chill

Throughout the workshop, DJ proved that baby steps go a long way. He broke down headstands, handstands, you name it. It was an awesome feeling watching different levels of progress throughout the room.

Each guest received an incredible goody bag to make sure the rest of the weekend was just as chill and relaxed as our workshop.

Remember stress is inevitable, but it’s how you deal with stress that determines how you let the current frustrations and happenings affect you.

Be strong, stay chill.

“Take a minute out of your day to calm down and ease your mind for a moment, make time to breathe and it’ll all come together”DJ Townsel

A very special thank you to all our sponsors.

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