The Science of Chill

What's In It?

active ingredients

Refresh and zone in while you enjoy this beverage with benefits. Each one of the ingredients works together to help enhance focus while relieving stress.
Icon: Ingredients L-Theanine icon: Ingredients - Lemongrass Icon: Ingredients - Vitamin C Icon: Ingredients - B-vitamin Complex Icon: Ingredients - Magnesium Icon: Ingredients - Zinc
L-theanine Lemongrass Vitamin C B-Vitamin Complex  Magnesium Zinc
A unique amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine, has been clinically shown to help reduce stress, elevate mood and increase focus without causing drowsiness. We have around 15x the amount found in your average cup of green tea. A soothing herb that helps calm the mind. One of the vitamins depleted
most by stress. Promotes healthy response
to stress.
regulate the nervous system and improve mood.
A mineral
that helps relax the nervous system and relieve tension in body.
A mineral
that helps strengthen the immune system and promotes health.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Your Friend With Benefits

JUST CHILL is your friend with benefits, helping you chill out with crisp flavors and naturally-powered ingredients.


Icon: Benefits - ProprietaryProprietary calming blend Icon: Benefits - NaturalNatural ingredients Icon: Benefits - EssentialEssential vitamins+ minerals Icon: Benefits - Non-drowsyNon Drowsy Icon: Benefits - 56 percentLess sugar (than Coke) Icon: Benefits - No glutenGluten free Icon: Benefits - USAMade in USA

Break It down

l-theanine compared to other stress reducing supplements

Points of Comparison L-Theanine Kava-kava Valerian St. John’s Wort
Use stress relief, mental acuity, PMS, learning performance relaxation, stress relaxation, stress relaxation, stress
Dosage 50 – 200 mg 100 – 200 mg (70% kavalactones) 2 – 3 grams
(1 – 3 times/day)
2 – 4 grams
Reaction Time 30 – 40 min. 40 – 60 min. 1 – 3 hours continued use over several days
Cautions none adversely effects judgment and reflexes when driving; yellowing of hair, skin and nails; enlargement of pupils promotes sleep and drowsiness; potential liver damage; may interfere with cognitive or motor function; may prolong sedation photo sensitization banned for use in France
Duration of
not limited not more than 3 months without medical advice not limited not limited
Drug Interaction None known contraindicated with alcohol, barbiturates, psycho pharmaceuticals, tranquilizers (including alprazolam, diazepam tranquilizers (including alprazolam, diazepam), sedatives, alcohol, analgesics, anesthetics estrogen (birth control), cyclosporine,
indinavir, warfarin, theophylline (anti-asthma), and certain prescribed drugs for heart disease, cancer, depression, seizures
Purity / Quality >99% variable variable

Information courtesy of Taiyo International, Inc. For more research check out the official Suntheanine® website.


Find Enlightenment

What is JUST CHILL®?


JUST CHILL® is a performance drink that uses the Power of Calm to help enhance your flow. Our mix supports your lifestyle of staying calm & confident.

Who is JUST CHILL® for?


JUST CHILL® refreshes people who want to live a lifestyle of staying calm & confident. For specific medical questions please consult your doctor.

Why drink JUST CHILL®?


Life is about the good times. JUST CHILL® keeps the good times rolling with happy vibes.  Cheers to the good life!

Does JUST CHILL® make you drowsy?


No. Studies show that L-theanine (the active ingredient in JUST CHILL®) helps enhance focus and relieve stress without drowsiness.

Is JUST CHILL® ‘Low Glycemic’?


YES! We use natural sweeteners that are low glycemic, releasing glucose slow and steady. Not sugar spikes here!

Is JUST CHILL® made from natural ingredients?


YES! We use  natural ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Where can I find JUST CHILL®?


Check our Store locator or buy online!

How does JUST CHILL® chill me out?


Glad you asked. We’ve carefully selected premium functional ingredients that combine to give you a crisp taste & great feeling. Check our active ingredients section above for a description of each ingredient. Please consult your doctor for questions or concerns you have about L-Theanine and how it might interact with any drugs or medications you are currently taking.

Does JUST CHILL® give back to the planet?


YES! Our partnership with 1% for the Planet® gives 1% of every sale to an environmentally friendly non-profit organization such as Heal The Bay.

Can you teach me how to surf?


Negative. But you can check out our surf team on facebook.

Unanswered question?


Use our contact page to ask a specific question.

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